Monday, May 28, 2007

Wonderwool 2007

Visited Wonderwool Wales again but without M this time as he thought I might enjoy meeting up with Charlotte and Claire from the Knitty forum better without him hanging around. Also suspect that it might have had something to do with him just wanting to have a day on his own for a change.
Despite having the new camera to take with me (supposedly to get lots of pics) actually took very few as I was too busy enjoying what was on display, fondling yarn, chatting to Charlotte etc. Couldn't resist these - they're two of the alpacas owned by Chrissie at She keeps 17 alpacas and sells the fleece, wool and weaves beautiful items. She lives relatively close so must make the effort to visit the farm on one of my Friday's off.

This one just looked so cheeky whilst it's companion looks a bit more refined
Could have spent a fortune but due to a limited budget was very restrained - these are the goodies that did come home with me
A skein of silk/cotton that has a slightly boucle finish from In reality this is less bright red and more a cranberry colour and destined for the Tank Top from Oneskein or the garter stitch shawl from Victorian Lace Today. Kerrie also had a couple of skeins of Schaeffer Anne yarn on sale. I've read a lot of favourable comments on this and Dianne up at Colinette rated it, so was pleased to see it for real. Not surprisingly just had to get a skein but what has surprised me is how fine the yarn is and seems far too nice for socks!! The yardage to get for your money also makes it very good value and suspect this will become a favourite.

And last but not least

This is a skein of hand dyed silk from Di Gilpin's stand it's possibly slightly thicker than aran and amazing.
I would never normally go for yarn in these colours but it's incredible - I guess the closest I can describe it is, metal in a yarn, really bronze and steeley blue.

Other things that impressed me were the Fyberspates yarn - the website does not do this justice, especially the Scrumptious BFL/silk mix yarn which I've earmarked for future purchase. Knitwitch yarns had some lovely hand dyed silk which I'll keep in mind for future projects. The Woolclip stand was disappointing this year but guess it's because Woolfest is their main event. DT Craft & Design was where I'd wished M was with me because he keeps going on about why don't we get some yarn and dye it. He'd have loved this stand and probably would have come home with every kind of dye and yarn imagineable (once he gets an interest in something I immerses himself in it and never does anything by halves). This will be a definite must for next year - if we can wait that long. The Mulbery Dyer some lovely embroidery and crewel yarn but wasn't sure which I need so that will wait for a while. Almost succumbed and bought an Ashford Knitter's Loom but on reflection decided that I really need to use up some of my stash and will get one for autumn/winter. Also if I had have bought one I would then have needed to have got relevant yarn for warping/weaving etc etc.
I was annoyed that I meant to go back and get:-
a skein of the lovely natural dyed yarn from the new breed of sheep that GLASU were promoting, forgotten the details but not the yarn which would have been perfect for a pair of Fetching - I'll contact them to chase this up.
some of the trimmings offered by - these will transform simple items into something quite extraordinary
but forgot!
This can be explained by the fact that by late lunchtime my back was beginning to ache again so decided to be sensible, call it a day and go home. Wonderwool was great and hope it continues to grow and the whole event is getting better and better. Meeting Claire and Charlotte albeit for a relatively short time was great and although you know you'll have Knitty in common it's surprising how many other things you can also have in common.


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