Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nosey mog

Whereas I've featured lots of pics of Tess our border collie I realise that I haven't included anything about our other rescue pet. So meet Pepe who came to us in a fairly traumatised state and it took months for him to settle in all of 8 years ago but as you can see he's incredibly laid back now.

He has a huge personality and is extremely communicative and delights in yowling the house down when he comes in early in the morning just to let us know that he's home safely. He loves boxes and we have lots of pics of him in boxes but they're on the other computer. He's also incredibly nosey, has to thoroughly inspect whatever I'm knitting and when I got home from work today found this This is some wonderful merino fiber that I got from Spindlefrog yesterday - it's come with it's own little sachet of lavender so don't know if he was attracted to the lavender or just being nosey but had obviously just had to get in and have a look.


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