Friday, May 05, 2006

Jolly Hols! 2

Besides the walking also got to visit various places. Revisited the well and the ancient chapel at Madron.

This well and the chapel which also contains an early holy well have a very ancient and special atmosphere about them. We first visited about 9 years ago and around Xmas time and the trees were festooned with ribbons, decorations, tinsel, all sorts much of which was recent and probably related to the winter solstice. It was interesting visiting again to find that the trees are still adorned with ribbons, messages, all sorts of bits and pieces. I'd been suffering from a virus which really affected my balance badly when we first visited, looked up and next thing I knew was flat on my back. It's really, really weird but on this visit, again experienced problems with balance - for the first time for years. Thankfully didn't find myself flat on my back though.

It's not particularly clear but there's a bunch of wild flowers carefully placed on the altar. When we'd visited previously there'd been a bunch of ivy, holly, etc as it was the middle of winter. It's nice to know that there are some places which are recognised as being special in some way or other for such a long time and people still visit and care about them.

When I'm on holiday like to read novels that are set in the area where I'm staying. I must add that when on hols it's not unknown for me to get through a novel a day. This time read

A modern Miss Marple ie amateur sleuth is an accurate description and really enjoyed the way she develops Rose Trevelyan's character over the course of the novels. Most enjoyable holiday reading and would thoroughly recommend it for anyone holidaying down in the far SW of Cornwall. This is very different - totally gripping but quite dark and very gritty and although the ending is not unexpected is still shocking. Despite being dark there are also touches of humour and amazing self awareness by the characters. If this is anything to go by can now fully understand why Joolz Denby was shortlisted for the Orange Prize and it's certainly made me want to go and buy her other books. Bought these at Books Plus in Penzance - it's a small independent bookseller and like everyone else I tend to buy lots of books from Amazon but also try to support the independents. This little book shop was great, packed from floor to ceiling and the owners extremely helpful. Asked for books set in the area and provided me with a good selection. They were also helpful in being able to tell me exactly where Knit Wits was - more to follow in next entry.

And finally Portherras Cove which was so close we could visit most evenings. This was the highlight of the dog's holiday as she loves the sea and beaches and for us since we usually had it to ourselves. .


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