Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Holiday

Well I'm now into the middle of the second week of ten weeks of extended leave from work. this is leave that I've built up over the last six years and just not had the time to take. I haven't got the spare cash to go on a big life changing trip and don't know that I'd necessarily want to. So going to be based at home most of the time and enjoy sorting and tidying the garden, walking and doing lots of sewing, knitting and spinning.

Since my last entry featured the purchase and first spun yarn thought it might be worthwhile showing some of the things I've spun since then:- This is the yarn I spun up from the singles shown in the previous post. I N-plyed it and then knitted this

Robin's Egg Blue Hat by Rachel Iufer - I love this and wore it lots over the winter. Although it's quite thick wool it's little on the big side and therefore for some reason doesn't seem to get too hot.

This was some BFL I got from Spindlefrog Cherry Blossom colourway.

Again I N-plyed it to give

3 skeins of lovely soft yarn which ranges from an orangey pink through to pinkey pink and then through to purpley pink but don't know how many yards I have. This has been sitting in my wooden bowl for ages and not sure what to do with it but at last have an idea.
I then had an eye operation mid Nov which severely limited what I was able to do craft wise.
Will post up pics and details of the other yarns I've spun since Xmas over the next few entries.
Last week was my first week off and spent much of it spinning and finishing off stuff for a Colour Swap. I sent a package of yellow goodies out to Anna in the Netherlands. Hopefully I'll manage to work out how to post a pic of it.


At 2:05 pm, Blogger JRS said...

That is gorgeous yarn, and such a cute hat!


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