Monday, May 08, 2006

SP6 goodness

Received a message from my SP saying a package was on its way and there it was sitting on the back doorstep when I arrived home today.

As you can see the packaging was co-ordinated to go with the tin and lemony yellow package. Then to the fun of investigating things further:-

The tin is an attractive object in its own right but when I opened it, was assailed by the most wonderful smell - apparently it's a Raspberry Black mix. I drink tea until it's virtually coming out of my ears but now the summer prefer fruity mixes so this couldn't have come at a better time and will also look forward to trying it iced.

She'd promised me a "special little scented surprise something that I can only get at my not so local LYS" and this is Lemongrass Simpatico Soap. I love fresh natural smells and this couldn't have been a better choice - keep picking it up to smell!!!!

And then there was the yarn............. well what can I say! The bluey yarn at the back is hand spun and kettle dyed Rio De La Plata in colourway Faded Lyons Blue - very different to anything I've ever used before. Hoping there'll be enough to do a shortened version of a My So Called Scarf or if not I'll use the stitch pattern in combination with something else.

There is also Mountain Colours Mountain Goat in Juniper - this has been a revelation. I didn't realise you could get mohair that was this soft. Already got plans for this too. The card was a perfect choice for a self confessed lover of plants and flowers a revealed that my SP has been Silver Nerd. After the disappointment of the Holiday SP round thanks for restoring my faith in SP rounds.


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