Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life of an escapee

Not having been in work for 2 weeks and still having another 8 weeks off really does make me feel like an escapee. What is a little worrying is how quicly the time is going. The weather was horrible, really wet and cold the first week so hunkered down and got lots of things done. Also had a day out driving around North Wales with Mark whilst he was doing site visits.

There are some days that are spent at home but I seem to pack so much in to them in comparison to being at work or over weekends. Like Thursday, cleaned the whole house top to bottom and it's amazing how nice it is to have a clean, tidy house, went shopping including getting non-household things, did a couple of loads of washing, ironing, cooking and got the loft ready for use as a work room during the summer and even managed to pack a load of spinning in during the afternoon!!
I never ever would have thought about spinning or even knitting anything orange until relatively recently. However having knit orange Pomatomus socks for the October sock challenge I'm hooked on orange things. Interestingly it was also the colour that I got for my first Colour Swap partner. S0 I couldn't resist this Merino/Tencel mix fibre from All Spun Up - unfortunately I couldnt' get a decent pic of the fibre. Here it is all spun up - approx 600m 2 ply which has the most wonderful sheen and drape.
And here's some more orange yarn - 377m of 2ply New Day spun from Corriedale which was the March shipment of fibre from Spunky Eclectic.
Knitting has been severely limited this winter and early spring due to eye problems however it has meant that I have spent my spare time spinning.
Yesterday did an approx 15-18mile walk from Montgomery all the way home following the Offa's dyke path and then the canal from Pool Quay. All I can say is thank goodness I did it yesterday and not today - it is so hot here. After 2 horribly wet and cold summers we're just not used to the heat!


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