Sunday, June 04, 2006

Knitting news

Somehow due to much apathy haven't got around to knitting much since being back from hols. When I was in Cornwall did knit this

it's my Cornish Nautie. I used the A L de Sauveterre Whisper colourway Cornish Pixie - well what else could I use. I was extremely lucky to find some Rowan 4 ply Soft which matched perfectly and these eyes which roll when he's moved. He's a great reminder of a great holiday and now sits proudly on top of M's in-tray in the study.

When we were in Penzance with helpful directions from a very helpful lady in the bookshop found Knit Wits. If you're in the area it's worth calling in - good selection for a small shop including some Sari Silk and Hip Knits silk (unfortunately they only had a couple of skeins and in colours I wouldn't use).

However was tempted by this - although it's Opal I just love the colour combi

and this

which is alpaca yarn produced from alpacas on a farm in Devon - with such a cute picture of an alpaca on the label who can resist. It's lovely and soft and such a lovely shade of turquoise - they also do a yummy olivey/mossy green and rose pink as well as the natural shades.

About this time last year I treated myself to a skein of Hip Knits silk in a colourway which was called Oscar. The silk is a lovely quality and the colourway felt very springlike, bright yellow running into green and pale turquoisey blue. I didn't get around to using it and got to this spring feeling positively guilty about not having used it. I love Branching Out and having knit a few for other people haven't one of my own so started it in the silk

As you can see there's some pooling

As you can see the silk and the colourway is fine BUT.............................

I put it to one side and knit Nautie instead. When we got home found out there was a Modular knitting course locally but as it was my first week back at work couldn't really take 2 days out to go knitting. So bought the book by Iris Schreier instead. Most of the reviews on Amazon were good but there was one complaining about the lack of instructions on the actual technique. In some ways I can see how the reviewer came by this view but you have to be prepared to spend a little time practicing the techniques and also have a certain level of trust that it will actually work out because initially you wonder how.

As you can see I practiced my swatches but it also demonstrates how well the technique works for hand painted yarns. So after some practice VOILA

Started last weekend and finished today and I'm so much happier with the result. It's the Zigzag scarf and won't be the only thing I make from the book which is actually quite inspirational. The other advantage is that when you get into the rhythym of the pattern it's incredibly easy to do whilst watching TV, travelling etc


At 4:15 am, Blogger Roxy said...

oooooh Nautie!

Hi baby

Have I told you lately how much I love you? I received my snack parcel today and it made me cry (in a good way) because I just came home from another 12-hour workday and was reminded how sweet and good my friends are. I appreciate your efforts to spoil me, and I can officially say just how much I adore Branston...

WIll be talking/writing back soon, but I love your flora pictorials and am jealous!



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