Sunday, January 21, 2007

Aspirations 2007

The year has got off to a fairly productive start

I was lucky enough to get this for an amazing price via the internet and a contribution towards it was my big Xmas present from M this year. I had a rather odd reaction to it when it arrived in that I was a bit disconcerted by how light it is and things seem a little flimsy in comparison to the sewing machines I used to use 20 years ago. However it offers lots of features, is incredibly easy to operate and does sew extremely well. Now I've got used to it, love it, and after reading the Crafter's Companion (anoather Xmas gift) am inspired to make all manner of things. I've made a couple of things but not got around to photographing them yet.

Had a stash of material stored in a plastic tub in the garage but in the awful wet and windy weather we've had, water got in through the roof and into several tubs, so ended up having to wash the whole stash. Was just lucky to be looking for something else so found that there was damage and managed to retrieve and save things although there has been some damage.

Due to the fact that we couldn't get out walking felt I needed something bright to cheer me up over the holidays so voila

modelled by a Clanger!
Yarn: Posh Yarns Alice 100% cashmere colourway Fiesta which is accurately captured above

Pattern : Interweaves Ruffle Crochet Scarf - I only had one hank of yarn so adapted the pattern accordingly

This was really fun, made in an afternoon and part of the early evening and do feel cheered up as soon as I put it on.
My contribution to Red Scarf Day:-

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky

Pattern: Men's Cashmere Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts

This was an easy and fast knit and love the textured effect and will probably knit this again but will add a garter stitch border as it does have a tendency to curl despite blocking.

So 2007 aspirations:-


  • to make a considerable dent in my stash
  • to finish the WIPs and asap
  • knit a pair of socks every six weeks
  • knit a pair of toddler cardis for a colleagues' twins
  • knit up a jumper in the turquoise yarn I have
  • knit a Swallowtail shawl
  • knit a shawl for Pat (know what yarn is to be used but still to decide on the pattern)
  • knit a pair of Knucks
  • knit a pair of lacy fingerless gloves


  • to loose a stone in weight
  • to get fitter
  • to get out and visit places at weekends, hopefully getting in some walking as well
  • to go camping for at least one weekend
  • to go back and re-visit Botanic Garden Wales and Aberglasney
  • to get some of the house and building repairs needed done

Some things to aim for but not too ambitious!


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