Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Brand New Year & New Start

Ok so it's a month in but despite a mediocre Xmas due to a stonking cold the New Year did get off to a good start. Sat up to watch in the New Year then went to put the dog and out and it was the most amazing night - snowy, clear skies and bright, bright moon. So dashed in, put on boots, duvet jackets, woolly hats and went for a walk down the towpath in bright moonlight - magic!!

Had some of the coldest weather and most snow for approx 20 years - even recorded -13.5 degrees at 9,30am on Fri 8th. Went for a walk and got these pics which are self explanatory.

The canal was frozen over for weeks and there was a deep layer of snow over it and even saw sheep walking across.
This and the cow parsley shot shows how low the temp dropped and the formation of snow crystals on this fence post.
Due to the eye operations which have led to such a dramatic change in my eyesight read very few books last year but determined to get back to regularly reading this year. Already got off to a good start. Marianne loaned me The Road Home by Rose Tremain which is the best thing I've read for a long time. I've read her historically set books Restoration and Music and Silence which I enjoyed but this is the best yet and offers an interesting view of contemporary London.
Currently reading Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky which I've picked up several times but for some reason had never bought. Don't know why because really enjoying it and the fact that some of the chapters are really short which means I get to read most nights before going to sleep.


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