Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter - been and gone

So the Easter break is almost over. Been rather dull and uninspiring this year. They had loads of snow elsewhere in the country, particularly in the North and over in the East but of course it missed us. However shouldn't complain because it has been sunny but just sooooooo cold.

Spent most of the weekend knitting - Wicked jumper designed by Zephyr in Mirasol Miski. I love the pattern and am enjoying knitting a sweater from the neck down. The yarn is also a gorgeous teal shade and so soft but am a bit nervous that it almost might be a bit too hot. We'll see.
Popped into Waitrose last week and had bunches of spring flowers on offer and just couldn't resist these anemones and ranunculus which almost glowed in the sunlight.

I'd wanted a bouquet of anemones when I got married but unfortunately the weather was so awful there weren't any available so I occassionally treat myself to them.

There's wonderful picture of these socks in Jane Brocker's Art of Domesticity. When I saw the photo I knew I had to have a pair. Fortunately she's generous enough to specify what yarn she uses in many of the photographed items. I love them!

My shoulders are aching from knitting so catching up on blogging and might even complete a couple of Ravelry entries.