Sunday, April 06, 2008


Woke up this morning to this
The only snow we've had this year and in April
Can't function until I have cup of tea in the morning so by the time I'd had my morning tea and read of the Guardian review it had stopped snowing and
Everything looks so pretty in the snow
This is a view across the canal - there's this little shed set out on it's own in the corner of a field

It intrigues me and if there was a readily accessible way to it I'd go over just to have a look

I love the way the sky was such a deep blue and everything looked so clear and bright against it

Looking over on Ravelry yesterday came across an interesting group Mindful Knitters and one of the threads really struck a cord. Members post up their intentions for the month and someone had posted up the following: - "it's not personal" that is, when someone else's behaviour strikes at me, somehow I need to remember that it's a combination of their karma and my karma. A couple of other members also posted up that it was their intention to "let others actions wash over me". Given what's gone on at work this last year and how it's affected me, this is perfect and hopefully will help me cope with future conflict.
Although it was sunny this morning I was surprised how cold it was and really should have put these on
These are knit with Bowmont wool which are sheep which are a breed which have been bred here in Wales. I knit these back in November and have worn them throughout this winter. My hands get cold very quickly but I hate driving with glove on so these are a perfect solution. They
were a quick and easy knit (knit up in a day and a bit) and I'll definitely knit another pair but will knit the cuffs on needles a couple of sizes smaller. Can recommend the Bowmont wool - it's a brilliant combination of being hardwearing but also soft.