Sunday, August 15, 2010

UK Knit Camp

This time last week I was wondering if it was going to be worth travelling to Stirling or whether I'd get there only to find the whole thing cancelled. A whole load of stuff had gone on that I and many others really weren't interested in but the lack of communication was a very real problem.
However decided that best course of action was to set off and make the best of it and had a wonderful time because:-

The location - who could not enjoy staying here
The masses of rabbits and squirrels that were found hopping around these perfectly manicured lawns and generally unphased by the proximity of people (if only my lawns looked like this).

Of the brilliant classes I attended:-

Becs who opened my eyes to the possibilities of knitting and crocheting with wire and taught me basic wire work- I need some more Habu steel and silk yarn and have a clear idea of how to now use this.

Di Gilpin who had the uneviable task of trying to squeeze a 2 day class into a morning - didn't quite complete making a personalised pattern but the class was so inspirational and got lots of tips and ideas of simple things that can make a difference. Also gave me some personal advice on how to use the wonderful silk Aran singles that I bought from her some years ago.

Lucy Neatby - a truly professional teacher. Her classes were intense but learnt the most incredibly useful things and it was worth travelling to Stirling to have learned how to do the Garter Stitch Short Row Heel. Also determined to sort out making scallops.

Should have taken a class with Lorilee but was really disappointed that this got cancelled however was lucky enough to be in self-catering accommodation with 4 continental knitters who made it their mission to teach me how to knit in that style. Now all I have to do is practice!

My flatmates at Alexander Court - Katrin, Kristen, Stephanie, Malin and Sarah Jane (I'm on the end with the red Clapotis). Their company was great and hopefully we'll all meet again at Knit Nation. From reading other people's comments on Ravely meeting other knitters from other countries was a highlight of the event and this common aim of just getting on and enjoying ourselves (along with the classes and the wonderful setting) is what has ultimately made the event a success.

It was so nice having the choice of yarn and effort that had gone into knitting this Clapotis recognised by other knitters.
New Lanark - what a place and it was incredibly frustrating not to be able to spend more time exploring.
However really look forward to returning with Mark and exploring at length.

One of the unexpected effects of the week is not being able to get the sound of bagpipes out of my brain. When they all got together and actually played a tune through these guys were incredibly competent but when they were practising alone or in small groups and at 7.00 am wasn't feeling quite so charitable.
Picking out a ring from The Fotheringham Gallery - it's taken me a long time to find something that is totally different and what I really want but at last!

It was a good break away but it was also good to return home to Mark and the animals.